Showing up for Grendel
April 5, 2024

Grace Harnois – by lucky fate my daughter-in-law – hosts a super-cool podcast. Last month she invited me to talk with her about John Gardner’s Grendel because we have both had soft spots for Grendel and his tormented mother more than we have for that hard-hearted hero Mr. Beowulf. Grendel and his mom were likely indigenous keepers of the land, driven underground by the sword-wielding Ango-Saxon hordes. Who will defend them?

Well, we did. Listen in here: Grace’s Reading Corner.

Cover of the book with a howling Grendel under a flaming yellow sky

I’d be happy to hear your views on Grendel or some other classic that could use revisiting.

While you’re exploring, check out more of Grace and her sister Madeleine’s podcast Dragon Babies on their website or on Spotify or at Apple Podcasts.

I’m here to vouch for this truth – fantasy fiction can heal the soul and guide one through the knotty dilemmas of today.

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