Former Minneapolis College Student Hindolo Pokawa
February 4, 2021

Hindolo Pokawa, Earth Justice Leader in Sierra Leone

Hindolo was once a student my class. I have learned a lot from him. Hear him in this interview.

After earning a degree in Minnesota, Hindolo found he couldn’t get a job other than taxi driving. While in his taxi, he realized that he could return to his homeland in Sierra Leone, taking his passion for justice and earth-care with him. His family expected him to use his inherited land to dig for diamonds; that wasn’t what he did.

Hindolo founded the Sierra Leone Foundation for New Democracy. He opened pre-schools for children where none existed. Those schools allowed the children’s mothers to work and provide for their families. At school, the children were fed, cared for, and loved. Hindolo also worked with his community to create regenerative gardens. Right after this interview was recorded, he began another trek across all of Sierra Leone to speak with people in each village about how he and they could to put an end to rape in the country.

Hindolo Pokawa is a hero of mine. Meet him here.

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