Moving Toward Justice
Inside that poisoned strawberry
March 28, 2021

The story of the strawberry birthmark – and behind that the story of the poisoned berry – intrigued me when Aunt Dorothy told it and has fascinated people I’ve told it to since. But is there more? Is there something darker, something needing to reach awareness, something striving toward justice? I posted the story on […]

Offer of Food to the Wild Ones
August 16, 2021

I asked a class of Minneapolis College students to find and watch a wild animal (or at least to remember watching one who was wild) and then to write about that being. Many returned with writings about squirrels – not red squirrels, not ground squirrels, not flying squirrels. No. Grey squirrels. City squirrels. I hope […]

Moving Toward Justice

Racial justice is essential to climate justice. Ecological activists wonder sometimes why we don’t revolt more strongly against impending climate disaster. It may be that our privilege as white people enables us to feel distant from the climate trauma already devastating many people of color, locally and globally. To look at the privileges that distance […]

Hindolo Pokawa, Earth Justice Leader in Sierra Leone Hindolo was once a student my class. I have learned a lot from him. Hear him in this interview. After earning a degree in Minnesota, Hindolo found he couldn’t get a job other than taxi driving. While in his taxi, he realized that he could return to […]

Friendship among women farmers crosses continents
February 26, 2021

A response to Tropic of Chaos Guest Post by Joan Felice and the Students at El Milagro Women farmers from Guatemalan mountain villages—many of them schoolgirls—watched Tropic of Chaos and came to know of women farmers from the Lake Chad region of the African continent. The girls, who attend a boarding school at a distance from […]